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Damage to your property is an emotional, expensive and devasting experience.

Over the past several years, homeowners in the Sterling Green neighborhoods in Channelview, Texas have experienced issues such as property flooding, erosion, and foundation damage after the construction of a nearby pipeline. Homes beyond the immediate pipeline easement may also be impacted by reduced property values.

In 2015, Enterprise Products—one of the largest midstream oil and gas companies in North America—revealed plans to build a pipeline that would crisscross along Sheldon Road and Interstate 10 in East Houston. The pipeline would be installed using an easement from CenterPoint Energy and can be seen winding throughout the eastern border of the Sterling Green subdivision. View the map of this pipeline (source: Enterprise Products Partners, L.P.). We believe that construction defects led to the property damage that homeowners in the Sterling Green neighborhoods are experiencing.

If you are a property owner in Sterling Green or Sterling Green South and believe your home has been negatively impacted by the development of Enterprise Products’ pipeline, you may be eligible to receive compensation for repairs or for the lost value of your home.

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