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Can Uber be responsible for the action of fake drivers?

Uber has become very popular in recent years, providing an alternative to cabs and offering transportation to locations at a lower price. However, with comfort come risks.   Since several reported sexual assaults, and even at least one alleged murder, involving ‘Fake drivers’ have come to light, terrifying concerns about safety… Read More »

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Many Houston residents, like you, depend on a bicycle to go to work every day. Those people riding a bicycle has increased year over year.   This is because it provides a healthy way of life, protects the environment and is economical. However, some areas in Houston are not suitable places… Read More »

Accidents caused by wrong-way drivers

Wrong-way accidents are considered the most serious type of collision because of their high-speed head-on nature, which often leave vehicles totaled and communities heartbroken because the injuries drivers, and passengers, sustain are often extremely severe with long-term residual effects that require surgery and rehabilitation treatment.  Alcohol is the main factor… Read More »

Accidents involving rental cars

What you should know about insurance for rental cars in case of a traffic accident. Although we all try to avoid traffic accidents, sometimes they are unavoidable, whether an accident occurs while driving a rental car or not, car accidents are extremely dangerous and occur very frequently. It is estimated… Read More »

Trash Truck Accident Attorneys in Houston

The streets of Houston are full of garbage trucks, also called ‘Dump Trucks’. They are an excellent resource for our community because they get rid of our trash. But, with so many large garbage trucks on the streets, they pose a risk to other motorists and to pedestrians. Each year,… Read More »